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Shamless Deicide Rip Off - 10%

MikeBelial, January 29th, 2006

I looked these guys up on My Space and checked out their friends and found Deicide on the list. Under normal circumstances would this mean anything? Hell yes we are all interrelated in some capacity and in the case of Scent of Flesh they are a total tribute band to Deicide but with one difference; they have different song titles to the tracks on their music.

On “Become Malignity” they have maintained the Slayer sound to a tee. The song “All Flesh to Consume“ is blatant “Reign in Blood“ era Slayer riffage. The vocals may as well be “Legion” era Glen Benton and the bass totally sounds like Benton’s patented pulse and bounce. The drums are not nearly as good as Steve Asheim but the little song breakdowns have got Deicide written all over. More annoying is the galloping guitars that haunt the song “Our own Archnemesis.” Seriously, could these guys be any more shameless in their plagiarism?

FUCK, with Deicide you get more creativity despite the fact that all they really are is a slightly sped up Slayer with legend status due to being in the right place at the right time. Plus I bet if you averaged out the lengths of Deicide’ songs they would come in at about 3:30. In contrast Scent of Flesh-aka-Deicide rip off insist on pummeling the listener with their uninspired and uncreative tripe for 5:00 minutes.