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Brutal !!!!!!!! - 82%

Chimpa, November 15th, 2005

SCENT OF DEATH from Spain hails with brutal death metal very much in the vein of newer MORBID ANGEL and maybe something like SUFFOCATION as well. It's hard to name more comparisons! How much can I get stuff like this before it bores me to death? Well, sometimes there just is a catch in there that refreshes things up in some crooked way, no matter how thick and casual this kind of music can be.

To the point: Scent of Death is an extremely skilled and technical group following the footprints of the bands mentioned earlier. The riffs themselves are not the most recognizable ones, but as they function with the polyrhythmic drums, great "not fat death metal singer dude" kinda growling vocals (hehe) and the desolate yet high-profile sounds themselves, the band proves to know what they're doing.

The drummer here is such an animal that he leaves no empty space for empty comments. He battles on amidst the songs doing his own thing. This is the main point I liked here. Another good aspect are the vocals. They have some higher pitch to emboss them from the mass. You can even discern a part of the words sung.

The guitarists here know diminished fifths and have studied their share of Trey Azaghtoth's mutilations. Still, they are the most faint part of this release, as they get a minimal role in this act woven in the book of hate. I mean, they are mean and rapid and brutal, but that's what we've heard since the early 90's and still hear, maybe too much.

To summarize, SCENT OF DEATH are bound under great skill and musical sense, yet they, as well as many others, fail to perfect their release in this category crammed full of bands of this kind. This is still quite enjoyable, thanks to the personality each of these players bring here. Absolutely worth of buying.