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Scarlet Anger - Kill the King

Scarlet Anger - Kill The King (EP 2011) - 85%

Dislogic, August 11th, 2011

What we have here is the first "real" release from this thrash metal act, hailing from Luxemburg. Their previous demo (La Realidad es Triste) wasn't that bad, but pretty hesitating, clearly showing that the band was still in a phase of potential developing. Kill the King is the result of this hard work, and it simply kicks ass.

The opening track (New God Rising) starts off with a slow paced riff (reminding us of Sodom's Axis of Evil, by the way), quickly followed by the exact opposite : some fast as hell riffage and drumming. Extremely incisive guitars and brutal skank beat-based drumming, reminiscent of what thrash metal was a few years ago (and should have stayed). Guitar work is, like I said, what you would expect for thrash metal to sound like : palm muted riffs here and there, punctuated by some skull crushing screams, ranging from death metal growls (kind of) to medium/high pitched shouts. Drumming alternates between various skank beats and full double bass, but not only : some groovy parts are digging their way in the form of toms-filled rythms, greatly performed by the way. The bass is what strikes me the less since it is barely discernible behind the wall of sound made by the rest of the instruments...

The music goes on for a bit more than 20 minutes (but still enjoyable), from the floor tom chorus of My Battlefield to the Onslaught-influenced From Fool To King and its bang-your-head sequel, Game Over; to finally end up with the highly melodic-inspired Face of Evil (listen to these guitar solos & chorus, you'll quickly understand what I mean). Yep, 5 tracks. Pretty short, but still 20 minutes of thrash metal at its finest, gathering elements and influences from many bands (Sodom, Kreator, Onslaught, Death Angel to name but a few), resulting in some greatly inspired thrash metal, which REALLY is worth a listen. Definitely.