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Recommended for any Gothic Metal fan - 80%

ruigeroeland, July 23rd, 2008

Italian Gothic Metal band Scarecrown was formed in 2004 and released their debut EP ‘Till the Last Breath in 2005. I noticed the band in some reviews in which they were compared to country mates Lacuna Coil and genre big shots like Tristania and Within Temptation, which was enough to spark my interest.

The comparisons made are certainly justified, but there is more to Scarecrowns music. The band infused some groovy riffs in their Gothic Metal and also has some Doom influences. The music is on the heavy side of the Gothic Metal genre, but still manages to sound melodic at the same time. The style of playing (especially the groovy element in their sound) also hints at later Lacuna Coil or even Evanescence. This nu-metal influence might turn of some true metal fans, but I actually quite like this approach.

Lead singer Antonella has an astounding voice. The type of voice that can give a band just that little extra to make them standout actually. There are occasional backing vocals by Andrea, who is nicknamed “The Ogre”, so it is no surprise that he has a somewhat rough voice and delivers his lines in a semi grunted fashion.

The production is solid for a demo recording and the visual aspects are taken care of professionally, with beautiful artwork as a nice bonus.

Very promising debut release by a talented group of musicians. Luckily I am not the only one with that opinion, because the band was picked up by Deadsun Records and released their debut Full Length recently, which I will be reviewing also.

Recommended for any Gothic Metal fan.