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Sandwalkers Scare Easily But They'll Be Back - 70%

SweetLeaf95, May 13th, 2015

Wow, this is certainly a record that is well deserving of some recognition by the metal community. An EP of only three songs, yet packing such a big mass of different elements to produce an intricate sound makes for a great, short listen. Scarab is a band formed in 2006, making death metal, mostly Egyptian themed, as that is also the country of origin for this band.

Valley Of The Sandwalkers, released in 2007 will give an earful of heavy, distorted riffage, with a very classic death metal feel to it. There's nothing really technical, melodic, or anything that death metal bands of today are trying to do with the genre. It's just a very simple style that is easily recognizable, and makes for something great to jam to. Same could be said about the vocals, as they are very guttural, yet not too brutal and in your face. A lot of the music itself is very slow, and takes the approach of a doom based project, or at least using a lot of doom metal elements. The percussion is a bit different though, because it uses lots of blast beats and rapid drum patterns to go with it. That's one thing that stands out greatly here, as the excessive use of cymbals adds a nice, ancient atmosphere to the music. The drums themselves are also interesting alone, as they are played in weird time intervals, and have that "tin can" sound effect to them. So the drum work here is very advanced and definitely ties this beast together.

Anybody who is a fan of the earlier death metal bands would get a kick out of this, as its style is rather similar. It's obviously going to sound a little more modern and the production is far better, but that's just the time period for you. If you like Morbid Angel, Obituary, or even, you guessed it, Nile, then you would crave something like this. It's not technical or as brutal as Nile, but uses some similar stylistics, especially in the guitar, and obviously the same themes.