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Righteous as hell - 78%

invaded, November 12th, 2006

Scar Symmetry are a hidden gem within the Swedish elite. This all-star band of former members of Diabolical and Carnal Forge make a brand of metal which could be considered melodic death, but there's more to it than that. These screams are not high pitched a la In Flames and generate much more power than the regular Gothenburg style band. Christian Alvestam is a real death metal vocalist, with pipes resembling those of one Mikael Akerfeldt. Many mention a resemblance to Soilwork, and that is only because the clean vocals resemble Speed's, but that is not a bad thing.

The songwriting here is alll over the place. Some songs have a more traditional Gothenburg feel whereas other infuse many neoclassical elements as well as some cock rock and even a bit of sludge for good measure. The keyboards are used effectively and do not overshadow the guitar or the vocals. Speaking of which, the guitar and drums have a great relationship in this band. Triplets are executed so tightly it hurts and the resulting sound is a very heavy one.

Hilights include the opener "Chaosweaver" which has a great mix of harsh and clean vocals and decieves the listenr into thinking at first that it's power metal, until an imposing death groove is put forth. The follow-up "2012: The Demise of the 5th Sun" has a catchy chorus and some kickass drumming. However my favorite has to be "Obscure Alliance" which has a very american vibe in its riffs and an absolutely fierce and commanding vocal performance from Alvestam.

There is definitely fun for all here...