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Fantastic - 90%

Uxorious_widow, April 29th, 2006

It's not often you find an album in which there is not a single bad to be found. Symmetric In Design has sparodic groundbreakers in the mist of acutely inferior songs, and hence hence one such album.

The sound is distinctly fimiliar to that of Soliwork, with two prominant styles; a melodeath growls and clean vocals akin to metalcore paragons. Chaos Weaver and Seeds of Rebellion are two particularily apt examples, which blend the styles with efficiency and ferver. My particular favourite is "Veil of Illusions", in which the two are layered beautifully, and the clean vocals reach their optimum. The uplifting nature of Melodeath is highly apprant throughout, with blazing riffs and transendant juxtaposition of sweet and sour.

The actuall lyrics do also vary, and unlike traditional death, do not preach violence and nihilism, but rather attack more serious and prominant life issues. The heartfelt vocal preformance of Christian Älvestam never fails to deliver these issues with profound beleivability.

In terms of talent, Scar Symmetry don't particularily stand out from other Gothenburg bands, but do convey raw emotion more maturely, and have a exeptionally subtle yet energetic aura. They are an aquired taste, and so would understandably repel opposite poles of the metallic spectrum.

I would highly reccomend the album to any fans of Thrash, Death, and Atmospheric Grunge in general, due to the stlye diversity. Though some songs are hard to distinguish at first, these are regular symptoms of the Melodeath style in particular. Once you've allowed all the songs to sink in, you'll learn to appreciate them even more. It's especialy a case of 'the more you hear, the more you like'; which is a far better proposition offered by shallow offerings which wear down the more they are exposed. I particularly advise "Veil of Illusions", "Chaos Weaver", "Seeds of Rebellion", and "Dominion".