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Well this is pretty sweet. - 87%

Justin_Bork, February 27th, 2005

Here we have Scary Symmetry, a modern melodic death/gothenburg band in the vein of Natural Born Chaos era Soilwork, so expect a lot of catchy choruses in contrast to brutal verses. Unlike Soilwork however, Scar Symmetry has more "metal" qualities in their music, which doesn't make it necessarily better or worse mind you.

During the verses, the vocals are sung deep and gutteral in true Death Metal style. None of those faux Death vocals that the average Gothenburg band does. The clean vocals however, are in huge contrast, and are somthing you'd hear in a prog-rock band somewhere, but are done very well and fit the music splendidly.

All the songs here are backed by keyboards, most of the by time low-key atmosphere, but in other songs (Diminion, Chaosweaver, Reborn) the keys touch mid period Soilwork in that they reach for melody over atmosphere.

The musicianship is tight and well played, great guitarwork and drumming. Speaking of drumming, the double bass is constantly pounding here, I love it personally. In terms of solo's, this band has it down, these solo's sound inspiried, none of that "solo just because we can/have to" that so many bands do.

Production wise, it's above average but not much. I say this because, it's clean and sounds great, but is practically devoid of bass, when in a good system, you get a tiny thump, but not what you'd want. Could be better, could be worse.

In conclusion, I would highly recomend Scar Symmetry to you, on paper they sound like the 34938347th gothenburg band, but these guys are original and they do rule. Debuts are usually hit or miss with me, but this is a big hit. Listen to it, and don't let their lead singers uncanny resemblence to Speed of Soilwork turn you off, this band rules.