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Whoa! Prepare To Be AMAZED! - 94%

Kingarty, June 22nd, 2007

If you ask a metal fan which melodic death metal bands they know, they will answer In Flames for sure. If they're very good, they'll also add At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity. They might even add Arch Enemy. But do you see a problem here? ALL OF THESE BANDS ARE OLD! It's that simple. All of these bands have been around for a while and their best stuff has already been released. The only thing they can continue to release is decent music. Scar Symmetry is different. THEY ARE NEW! And with Pitch Black Progress, they refresh modern melodic death metal.

I picked up Scar Symmetry among a friends request. He said they are awesome modern melodic death metal. And after my first listen, I have to say this: I'm going to this guy for all musical suggestions now.

The music is very satisfying. The guitars are heavy and very thick. A lot of traditional death metal palm mutes. The drums sound awesome. They were recorded flawlessly. They are very crisp. Instruments aside, the songs are arranged very nicely. The verses are very heavy while the choruses are very melodic. And it isn't your basic cheesy melodic choruses like you see in many modern bands; it actually flows as one cohesive piece. And the solos! This is where you can tell this isn't another In Flames rip off band that tries to be exactly like OLD melodic death metal. The solos are insane. They have a Trey Azagthoth feel and make the songs complete. The musical aspect is obviously influenced by old melodic death metal but added with a ton of new influence ranging from old school death metal to even metalcore.

The vocals are very diverse. Unlike most melodic death metal bands, Scar Symmetry use DEATH vocals. Most melodic death bands use hardcore screams with a bit of death touch like that of Anders Freiden. The death vocals here are reminiscent of David Vincent. However, if you love melodic death metal and hate death metal vocals; fear not because there are clean vocals as well. And it isn't your typical Atreyu or Trivium scene where the clean vocals are only used in the chorus; clean vocals are used as much as Death vocals. Very diverse and just proves that this is new melodic death metal and it's here to stay. The lyrics are very cool. Swedish bands have always had the best lyrics, and Scar Symmetry doesn't break the trend. Focused around sci-fi and personal struggles, lyrical content is very advanced and very much in the gray area. You really have to read between the lines and kind of have an out of body experience to fully understand them.

It's safe to say, these guys are a very good. They're very original in melodic death metal. Their lyrics are awesome. Their music is complex. If you're tired of old melodic death metal and want something to get excited about again, listen to these guys. Just don't piss your pants to hard.

Songs to check out: The Illusionist, Calculate the Apocalypse, and Abstracted.