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Sucker For Melody - 93%

ConquerTheBaphomet, May 4th, 2008

What's wrong with melody?

Scar Symmetry might be one of those bands to follow in the footsteps of Soilwork, At The Gates and In Flames but at least they do it well. Their brand of Melodic Death Metal is exactly what I look for when referring to the term "Melodic". Christian Älvestam's clean vocals are simply amazing; there's no denying that at all. His growls, however awesome as well, don't quite fit in the song structures. His other bands, like Miseration and Quest of Aidance, are good places to utilize those nasty growls but not here in Scar Symmetry where they rely on so much melody.

A lot of people say this band is not original and cliche and while that may be true, their brand of it is still catchy and easy to follow. Unlike Soilwork, where their later material progressively got softer and more simple, Scar Symmetry's song writing is still heavy and very much Death Metal.

The guitar work is very solid. The utilization of harmonies throughout the album are very appreciated and well done. The production of the album is perfect for what Scar Symmetry does. There's nothing taken away from it. Overall, this album should not get the crap that it does from elitist Metalheads just because the guy sings a lot and Scar Symmetry likes to write melodic choruses.

Favorite songs on Pitch Black Progress.: Calculate The Apocalypse, Dreaming 24/7, Slaves To The Subliminal and Deviate From The Form