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When Butchery And Music Combine - 85%

lordazmolozmodial, June 21st, 2012

After about seven years of recording and songwriting, the American raping death metal band Scaphism blow the ground of the metal scene with a total destructive release, Festering Human Remains is one hell of a debut album, where the blastbeats and the catchy riffs surround the whole place. To describe the music perfectly I have to admit that the whole mixing sounds like a butchery, full of spattered blood and stinky human's remains, just like we can see on the artwork of the album, a plaguesome location full of dead eroded human bodies and stinky blood, annoying bugs and bitter remains, the whole scene seems so freaking disturbing.

Nine tracks of disease and butchery are available in this ugly place, even some track titles are so provoking to your Imagination, like Pathogenic Bacteria and Slowly Digested Over 1000 Years. To be honest, I fell in love with every track in this record, the total raping death metal sound contains many thrash influences and a lot of blastbeating moments, where the guitar riffs and the bass combine together to overcome the hammering drums, the growling vocals and the insane yells made the album completely violating, so prepare your ears for some desecration.

Some tracks like (Encephalopathy) and (Tower Deflower) and (Festering Human Remains) have great unforgettable guitar riffs, distinctive riffing style that unites the death metal rotten riffs with the classic thrashing vomit. And some tracks like (Chainsawdomy) and (Raped Til Death) have short lifetime, and they remind me a lot of the American death metal band (Cannibal Corpse), especially the dynamic drums that carry the unholy noise of the rhythm guitars in a very professional way. Tracks like (Butchered and Devoured) and (Chainsawdomy) are brutal enough to butcher every melody in the air, very solid and deep-rooted growls provide more stability to the fabric of the tracks.

In my point of view, I expected to hear some kicking ass solos in every memorable track I heard in this record, but my expectations remained thirsty for some vital lead guitar roles, everything in this album seems interesting and brutal, but I really wish to hear solos and more lead guitar roles in the upcoming releases. The production is firm and savage, the loathsome distortion of the guitars fits the sound of the hateful double-bass and the brutal abominable snare perfectly.

If you are into some gory and violent metal releases, especially Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under, and if you are into ugliness of the catchy riffs of Vomitory and Malevolent Creation, then you should get this release now, every single moment in this record is full of blood and stench, don't miss this release and fill your library with gore!

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