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Metal From Outer Space!! - 99%

cravingforvenom, March 25th, 2009

Power metal was arguably Germany’s baby as the earlier bands such as Scorpions, Accept and Faithful Breath practically laid the foundation for what has now become one of the most heard genres of metal today. Scanner was one such band that came out of Germany playing a brand of power metal like the famous four but with lyrics that dealt with futuristic themes and outer space journeys which segregated them from the rest. Their musicianship and delivery being top notch and extremely tight, Scanner perhaps released one of the best pure power metal albums ever.

“Hypertrace” being their debut album sounds like it could make a worthy fit on the Helloween catalog. The similarity is evident as both bands relied on the magic of dual guitar solos and riffs that roughly crossed the thrash territory. The vocalist who’s middle name is M.A.J.O.R also sounds a lot like Michael Kiske for the most part but could shriek out falsettos as high as anyone I’ve heard till date. The choruses too sound very similar that at times it feels as though these bands grew up together and subsequently released their demos at the same time too.

The music in here is traditional eighties power metal with all the essential ingredients present. There is not much you can complain about as almost everything in here is almost perfectly done. “Warp 7” has a melodic intro dual guitar lead solo and the track on the whole is very well structured with over the top vocals whereas “Terrion” carries some fresh sounding riffs with excellent use of the double bass drums and a good chorus.”Across The Universe” is slightly on the slower side but done very well with good guitar solo harmonies.”Locked Out” on the other hand is perhaps the best song in here with a kick ass bass intro solo and a chorus that is likely to stick to your head for days. The lead guitar solo in here blows and must be heard. This is what “Keepers” era Helloween would sound like had they dreamed of going on a space voyage.

“RMU” starts off slow but eventually gains speed and has a great riff similar to Pokolgep’s “Metal Az Esz” with a good chorus. The next best thing in here is “Grapes Of Fear”, a butt kicker of a track with vocals that go viciously high and a devastating lead solo capable of blowing a planet to smithereens. “Retaliation Positive” is a fairly slow one that relies a lot on the usage of heavy riffs and more choruses that any song in here. “Killing Fields” is very similar to Warp 7 except for the slowdown at the finish that simply rules while “Wizard Force” plays the role of a good finisher with Judas Priest like riffs and solos reminiscent of the duo of Tipton and Downing.

Its high time followers of flower metal start listening to some real shit. Good and catchy power metal came out in the eighties and the early nineties and Scanner released some great ones in that phase. Highly recommended for fans of Helloween, Running Wild, Accept, Blind Guardian, Rage and in particular those who really dug into Liege Lord’s “Master Control”. Get your hands on this album before its too late.