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Iron Savior's Unification, 11 years before - 90%

UltraBoris, August 14th, 2002

This is a very good speed metal album, for the most part, sounding a lot like Walls of Jericho, except at times more power-metalling. The theme is one of aliens and science fiction, thus the comparison with Iron Savior. The vocalist (whose name I can't remember right now, but it had a bunch of acronyms in it because "Captain Kirk" was taken) sounds a lot like Kai Hansen. (Appropriately enough, the next album by Scanner would pretty much be Keeper Part III.)

Some of the songs are just a bit 80s-metal-sounding as opposed to all-out speed metal (see: Sinner, 1984, for what they most resemble), but they are still overall very strong. This is a standout of the genre... this and their next album - kinda like Paradox, they just never quite got the attention they deserved. These guys do give Helloween a run for their money. The production is pretty 80s, but otherwise this really does sound like Iron Savior's Unification - similar themes, similar execution, similar quality.

Speed metal highlights include "Warp Seven", "Wizard Force", and "Retaliaion Positive". As for power metal... "Locked Out" has the sing-along section to end all sing-along sections, and then "Killing Fields" has the sing-along section to end the previous one. Blind Guardian called, they thought they had a copyright on that sort of thing.

If you like German speed metal, there really is no reason why this album won't appeal to you. It's not really all that revolutionary - it sounds like it could've happened in 1985 and not been out of place. But still, it is very well executed. Catchy, fun, straight-up heavy fucking METAL.