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Confusing and pointless - 35%

bwast, May 10th, 2014

The 5 songs that precede the 25 minute disaster "Passera" aren't overly exciting but there are some bright spots. My favourites are "Helminth" and "Lumbricoid". "Helminth" has a nice pounding rhythm, crushing guitars and duelling vocal styles, one of which reminds me of Phil Wilson's vocals in Gorerotted. "Lumbricoid" has a distinct punk flavor with the same two vocal styles interchanging and has maybe the best riff and most interesting part of the album near the middle of the track. Having said that, these two marginally interesting tracks do nothing to lessen the blow of "Passera" and its monumental failure.

I don't know what they were thinking with "Passera". Did they leave the recording equipment on and let their cat scamper over the sampler? The song is directionless, it doesn't evolve, it feels like 5 or 6 ambient tracks put one after another with only the Italian (or so I assume) monologue that appears randomly throughout to tie them together. There are times in the song where it's almost like they're pressing a "new sound" button like the "transition" at 3:47. I'm all for experimentation and pushing boundaries, blah blah blah but I would appreciate that your ideas be actually coherent and have some discernible purpose other than making noise for 25 minutes. At 17 minutes, maybe by accident, they find some noises that are actually interesting to listen to but they don't go anywhere with it, just loop it over and over until the next idea is shoehorned in.

There really isn't much to like about Fluke. The majority of its run time is dominated by an ill-conceived mess and the remaining songs do little in redeeming it. Don't buy this.