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A bit boring at times, occasionally spectacular - 78%

UltraBoris, August 25th, 2002

This is pretty much a staple of the NWOBHM - at times, it's a bit rockish and silly, but some of the tracks here are pure fucking metal that deserve to be paid immediate attention to.

"Motorcycle Man" starts off the album in great speed-metal fashion. Nice headbanging anthem to be had here. "Stand Up and Be Counted" is a bit slower, and kinda rock-and-roll-ish, which Saxon also was known for at the time.

"747" is just a downright cool power metal song. It's not quite as heavy as some of the other tracks here but the riffs are complete metal. Nice lead guitar to be found in here too. The title track, it's just a bit boring. Okay, it's very boring. But hey, we've got "Freeway Mad Next", which comes roaring back to kick our faces in. Yes, when they sing about owning the highway, they suddenly get very very good.

"See the Light Shining" is also pretty silly, and "Street Fighting Gang" is a step up with some cool riffs. "Suzie Hold On" is pretty damn crappy. It's a stupid ballad. Again, sometimes they just wanna play nice happy rock 'n roll...

at other times, they fucking own us all with their monstrous speed metal riffs, like the last song!! Machine Gun!!!!! This thing nearly would give fucking Blitzkrieg a fright - for February, 1980 - read, before Rapid Fire, this is really fucking insane. We have to sit through the rest of the album for quite a while, but when we get here... PREPARE... TO... DIE!!!!!

Fuck yeah!! The album begins great, ends great... in the middle, kinda goes through the motions a bit. Get it, though - just for the last track!!!