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Saxon - Power and the Glory

One of NWOBHM's Finest Hours - 85%

DeathRiderDoom, January 17th, 2010

Saxons ‘Power and Glory’ full-length is appreciated, but not generally praised nearly as much as WOS, or D&L, and this is something I struggle to understand. This album is pretty much as aggressive, rebellious and kickass as all their earlier works, and more so than ‘Crusader’ perhaps. The whole full-length pretty much dominates, as my review for ‘Nightmare’ alludes to. This time round however, it is the turn of ‘Power and Glory’ – a stunning track which inevitably became a single, and easily secured itself as a regular slot in the live set of thousands of concert dates over the next quarter century. This song is truly brilliant and utterly anthemic, and comes in two versions, including a 12” with two added live tracks. A cool offering, particularly in the 12” version, where you not only get the standout stunner from the album, but also two bonus live classics, which aren’t just stolen directly from the full-length – thereby shortchanging buyers of either. Kickass NWOBHM in all it’s ‘GLORY’.

This track has got it all. The relentless passionate main riff, which is very well done, races along while Biff just hollers raw, convictive anthemism right in your face. By the time the solo section erupts, you’re basically at the heavy metal equivalent of an orgasm. The production job on this album is very noticeable; Saxon started to use far more complex, technical production with this album, and it’s perhaps most noticeable here, with all kinds of effects going on. Though heavy in production it still sounds about as metal as possible, and minblowingly aggressive. Biffs double/triple tracked backup vocal harmonies in the oft repeated chorus are great, and just urge sing along, and fists in the air headbanging. This is such a complex, big studio style production, that at times the drum and guitar sound is reminiscent of Judas Priest too. Either way, this is one of the finest Saxon songs ever made, and one of NWOBHMs finest hours – I see no way in which you could hear it and not be totally hooked and become a rabid fanboy.

Brilliant title track with the added advantage of two solid live anthems. Performance wise they aren’t mindblowing or exceptionally recorded, but strong and badass. This album deserves a bit more respect, and it’s got something to do with how awesome this complex, shreddingly delicious track is. I’d hate to have to follow these guys on stage at this time (or any time for that matter) when they were churning out such fantastic, fast paced NWOBHM domination. Utterly recommended, legendary NWOBHM, and possibly the best single for the ‘Power and Glory’ full-length, which I believe spawned three.