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Lets hope the new Priest is this great! - 95%

icedray, October 5th, 2004

Holy shit. Yes, holy shit. I cannot get over how great this album is. These ol' Brits have released, IMO, their best record in their 25 year career* (footnote - at this time, I still have not heard Unleash The Beast). Saxon deliver a no filler (yes, NO FILLER) metal classic. Eleven great tracks compose this masterpiece and each one is worthy of your time and money.

I will not go into a song by song breakdown but I will note the truly exceptional. The album starts off with "Witchfinder General" which shows that Saxon can roll with the times and not sound outdated but still manage to sound like Saxon. Great way to open the album.

Next up is the song that Priest hopes to write on their reunion album - "Man and Machine". Folks, this is what metal is all about. Riffs crushing, solos blaring, and very high headbangin' factor.

This is followed by an intro into the title track. The title track may be the best song Saxon has ever done and that, my friends, is really say somethin'.

Other stellar tracks include English Manowar and Justice where Biff just shines. This may be his best vocal performance.

Top notch performances, songwriting, and great cover art lead to what may be not only the best Saxon cd of all time but the best metal album of 2004. These ol' geezers still have it in them. Who knew?

HIGHLY recommended.