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Powerful release - 92%

Dethrone_Tyranny, September 25th, 2003

Probably the most underrated of all Saxon albums. I remember hearing "Broken Heros" before buying this album and loving it. Of all the tracks that are on here, that is the only tune still played live today off of this release. So after reading the mass amounts of negative reviews on this album, I figured that "Broken Heros" must have to be a stand out track on the album, because what I heard did not even come close to sucking. Still, I purchased the album anyway and from the opening of the first track, to the rockin' fun ending...I was purely amazed! "Rockin' Again" is one of the best songs that this band has ever done and deserves to be played live today, as well as "Raise Some Hell" which I am sure would drive the metal crowed absolutly WILD! Not one filler track on here, just pure, fun hard rock/metal tunes to enjoy and head bang to.
So why is this so underrated? I probably will never know. Perhapse it was the sudden change of style. Kind of has that same 80s hard rock tone that 'Crusader' had, except with much more attitude and power. Just check out the incredible drumming and galloping riffs on "Raise Some Hell". This is definetly one album to raise some hell to!

Best songs: Rockin' Again, Devil Rides Out, Broken Heros, Raise Some Hell