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Not the best, but decent! - 72%

PowerMetalGuardian, August 20th, 2004

Of course Saxon's 90's material is not as enjoyable as the 80's stuff. That usually happens with decent solid metal bands. Reading Maldito's review, I have to strongly disagree.
Country/blues/rock mixed? I don't think that could exist, plus this album is hardly that. I think the word that best fits this album, and the word that Maldito was trying to go for was "hard rock."

This album can be really tricky, the opening song Dogs of War is an awesome song, with a bunch of catchy riffs. Vocal wise, this song is pure Saxon, something you might not see on the rest of the album. The next three songs are definitely blues influenced, like an Aerosmith/Poison like blues, but there is a more emphasis with the heaviness of the riffs.

Then the album goes through another somersault with the song Hold On. This song is pure ballad like. Pretty cheesy, but not bad if you like the 80's heavy ballads. Then we go back to pure Saxon metal...of course some parts could be considered hard rock. The rest of the album is decent; no memorable songs, but some memorable parts. What makes this, at least in my eyes, heavy or hard, is the power of the riffs. Like on the songs The Great White Buffalo and Walking Through Tokyo, you might headbang or throw your fist in the air because the riffs have crunch. Provided with a nice drum beat, and you definitely have some decent songs.

One of the reasons why this album is not as good is because it is cheesy. Most of the songs lyrics are hardly enjoyable and actually funny at sometimes. But don't let silly things like that fool you. There are a lot of Saxon type riffs, and a couple of good songs. Vocally the album isn't up to par, but it's not ear bleeding bad. If you don't mind typical hard rock, then you will like this more then the average person. Overall it is not a bad Saxon album, just not the greatest.