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A Bit Weaker than Most of Their Material, But... - 70%

DeathRiderDoom, January 18th, 2010

#38 In My NWOBHM Rarities Review Series

Saxon’s commercially ambitious, and direction changing ‘Crusader’ album is frequently panned by metalhead critics, who were disappointed in said change of tack, and felt the album lacked only a handful of salvageable numbers. Though this type of met(l)morhosis is usually disappointing, and leads bands to make shitty AOR, that they should leave to the masters of the art form like Night Ranger, in some cases these bands can actually end up crafting good music in this vein. Disappointment aside, Saxon prove themselves capable of producing some strong efforts in this vein (see: ‘Hold On’ for example) so it’s not all bad news. However, ‘Do it all for You’ can’t really be considered amazing AOR or melodic heavy metal. It’s not totally unsalvageable, but is a wee-bit tired in lyrics and subject matter.

This title track showcases Biff’s classic vocal abilities fairly well, with his alternating between rough hollering, and soft, melodic deliveries ,even within the first verse. The backup choir effect is quite nice too, adding a pop flavour in the 70’s rock vein. Verses are fairly boring though, in spite of Biff’s strong deliver, and the song feels a bit repetitive. It’s absolutely listenable, as Saxon is a band with talent that can set their mind to almost any task, but this simply isn’t their best ballad (See ‘Iron Wheels’ for an example). While Saxon proved themselves able to write some good, more commercially orientated material, it was a disappointment for many fans to see them change direction in this way, particularly when you look at all-out aggressive albums like ‘Strong Arm of the Law’.

‘Just Let me Rock’ is a better number, that I believe a video was made for at the time. Biff’s verse vocals are soft, but very strong, and clear in the mix. Though this one is incredibly hook heavy, and will induce head bangin, not to mention having that classic Saxon rebelliousness, and working class free-spirited feel, it is after all another one of those ‘Rock Anthem’ type songs, which are fairly tired, even by this date, and many people don’t seem to enjoy. I like it though, mostly due to it’s allegiance to their classic sound, and it’s rebellious spirit, which is again part of their classic formula and heritage. A better number than the a-side, and one of the cooler songs from the full-length. Not a horrible release, but a bit weaker than much of their material.