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The title says it all - 97%

Dethrone_Tyranny, September 16th, 2003

Not far behind Strong Arm Of The Law, this album defenitly delivers the goods. Fast riffing, tough as nails lyrics, powerful vocals delivered by one of the best in metal, and killer choruses...just check out the first and last songs and you'll know what I mean. This album is just full of attitude, full of it! Not one weak point on the album, just killer riffing and attitude from begining to end.

1. Princess Of The Night - If the opening riff does not grab your attention at a sudden instant and force your ears against the speaker, then I don't know what will. The entire song itself is pure energy and power, with a catchy as hell chorus and a solo to die for.

2. Never Surrender - One of the more "in your face" Saxon tunes. More or less, it's mainly the chorus that possess the tough attitude, but the overall song kicks ass as well.

3. Out Of Control - The pace and riffage is basically in the same tone as the previous tune, though in a less intense way. Of all the songs on the album, this one is probably the least catchiest and/or memorable, but as I stated before, there's not one weak track on here and every song is well worth a listen.

4. Rough And Ready - You know, I absolutly HATE when a band has several kick ass songs that make it big, and then some others that kick just as much ass but get little or no attention. This happens to be one of those songs. Being more or less as catchy and powerful as Princess Of The Night and the title track, I think this song simply deserves more attention than it gets. Well, it gets no attention, but hey it's still a kickass song.

5. Play It Loud - Are these not some of the coolest ever lyrics or what?? If you wanna know what they are then listen to the damn song. But aside from the lyrical factor, the music is quite heavy and supports the lyrics with a mean, distorted tone.

6. And The Bands Played On - Despite it's short length, this happens to be one of the best tracks on the album. The verses are probably some of the catchiest I have ever heard, much catchier than the chorus for sure.

7. Midnight Rider - The main riff here is quite groovey, and the singing tone that Biif uses fits the groove quite well. Mid-paced and catchty, that's what this song mainly is. Yeah, a combination of those two characteristics = one awesome song.

8. Fire In The Sky - Aside from Princess Of The Night, this is the only other speed metal tune on the album. The song is about an outburst of radiation that claims the lives of many, so the intensity and speed of the song fit quite well with that. The great thing about Saxon is that when they write songs, no matter what they're about, they make sure that the lyrics fit the music correctly. Not many bands do it this well.

9. Demin And Leather - The heaviest song on the album, as well as the most powerful. This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest Metal anthems as well as major crowd mover when played live, even today. The song itself is about the outbreak of the NWOBHM scene back in '79, and the audience that Saxon drew which set them apart from the rest of the bands. After all, Saxon was the first NWOBHM to ever get signed. Yeah, all thanks to the fans. This song is basically a tribute to their fans everywhere.