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Apart from the title track, commercial rubbish! - 40%

WheelsOfTheLaw, June 12th, 2012

Saxon never made it as far as Maiden, but they are still one of the well known bands from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. They released several excellent albums up to this one. On Crusader, Saxon forget that they are British heavy metal. Instead, they think that they're some mindless American glam metal band. On the UK charts, Saxon had been doing pretty well, so I suppose they must have decided to follow this success with success in America. Big mistake. Biff and co. looked at Def Leppard and went "they come from the UK and they're massive in the States. If we make our sound like their's we 'll be massive, too."

However, listening to the Crusader Prelude and the title track, they don't sound commercial. The drums have an echo and the guitars are a little weak, but it is still an awesome metal song singing about BRITISH history. Then we get...a load of crap. A Little Bit of What You Fancy has a whiny guitar tone and Biff shouting "make me boogie!". It's just embarrassing. The chorus is fluffy and the lyrics are silly. Sailing to America starts off with more whiny guitar and more reverb drums. Where have the British songs gone? And why are the band repeating quietly everything Biff sings in the chorus?

The Sweet cover is alright; the production is much better and the vocals aren't so wimpy, but it seems out of place. Saxon don't pick their covers very well. Just Let Me Rock is absolute glam shit. I skipped from the moment Biff goes "just let me rock! Rock!", but listening to it fully, I suppose the verses sound okay. The solo is just rubbish. I don't know what Saxon were thinking. Bad Boys (Like to Rock 'n' Roll) is even worse than the previous track. It's the opposite of its (embarrassing) title. The band do the same thing as on Sailing To America, echoing everything Biff says. There's another crap solo as well. Can this album get any worse?

It can. Do It All For You is like Suzie Hold On and Nightmare stuck together and is made more wimpy with a silly choir. This is another track you want to skip. Rock City I wanted to wipe off my cd. Stupid lyrics: "Hi-fi, Sci-fi. Hear my words. We've been a long time coming. But we're here at last". It's painfully commercial. Why isn't there a good track other than the title? Run For Your Lives is the best track on here aside from Crusader, but the song seems to be about him being drunk or on drugs and everything on fire? It's hard to work out.

Best Track(s): Crusader
Worst Track(s): Every other track.