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Well, the title track is fantastic... - 75%

Dethrone_Tyranny, September 14th, 2003

...but what the fuck happened with the rest?? Okay, so most of the other songs on here sound like a British version of Motley Crue, which of course isn't so bad, but when you compare to to the title track, you'd be expecting sooooo much more out of this album.

The Crusader Prelude - Hehe, you already know what type of song you're in for after hearing this...

Crusader - This song is so fucking amazing! Though not very fast, the overall mood just makes you wanna take up a sword and slash up your foes, showing no mercy what-so-ever. The vocals are done amazingly well, and the heavy, mid-paced riffs just add so much more to the mood, fitting the lyrics quite well. No wonder why this is such an incredibly popular tune among the Metal crowd and why it's still played live today. Now you know why one would expect so much more out of an album after hearing a song like this...

A Little Bit Of What You Fancy - Minus the title track, this is actually one of the better tunes here. Good, solid speed Metal to headbang like crazy too, but this song sounds like it belongs more on Strong Arm or Denim....well...maybe not. :p

Sailing To America - Once more, this is another one of the better songs on the album. The music and lyrics just make you wish that you were out on a ship at sea, sailing in the cool breeze while drinking a bottle of rum. I love this song, one of the only three songs on the album that I can actually say I love.

Set Me Free - Now I keep forgetting who actually did the original of this is a cover. Ah well, Heathen did a much better job on, ashamed to say. One thing Saxon has never been quite good at is doing covers, as shown in other albums. Just like the Heathen version, this is a great speed Metal number with outstanding riffs, but it doesn't even come close to the three previous tracks.

Just Let Me Rock - A mid-placed, slightly bluesy number. Only thing I really like about this song are the attitud and lyrics, which do live up to the title. Lyrically, this song means a lot to people like me, but other than that, the track itself is a bit weak.

Bad Boys (Like To Rock N Roll) - Decent at best, but if I wanted to listen to hard edged glam, I'd crank up some Crue or Twisted Sister. Yeah, I do like some glam Metal, but when I'm in the mood for Saxon, I wanna hear Saxon goddamnit!!

Do It All For You - Ahh, a ballad. Of all the ballads that Saxon has currently done up till this year, 1984, this is probably the weakest one of all. Good track, but it's no Suzie Hold On and it sure as Hell is no Nightmare! Good riffage though. :D

Rock City - God damnit! As if Bad Boys was not glammy enough!! Oh yeah, and I'm sure that song title is very original as well. Pfft! Like I said before, glam is decent, but Saxon is suppose to be far more than just average or decent. Needless to say, this song and Bad Boys blow away every other glam band I have heard, but they do not belong on this album, nor on ANY Saxon album.

Run For Your Lives - Well, at least the album's ending is great. This is the only other song that I can actually say I love. I'm not even going to compare it to the title track because it doesn't even come close, but, this is still a terrific song, second best on the album. The chorus is what makes this song so addictive, it's one of those 'nail it to the back of your skull choruses'. Oh yeah, the verses are pretty catchy too and the lyrics are something to definetly mention..."I had a dream last night and I saw you burn!". So yeah, this oughta make the listener smile after hearing the last previous songs.