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The Last Of Zak Stevens... - 86%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

Savatage - The Queen of Heavy Metal, at least nowadays. This is one of Savatage's best offerings to date, and it has the last works of Steven's with Savatage. The album is largely driven by piano, much like DWD was, and it does it just as good if not better. I was really blown away by how much they could improve upon the vocal layering idea's so prominent in past albums, especially considering that they are the only band who manages to do it right. Operatic and heavy all in one, it shouldn't work, but it does.

Turns to Me is the first full song (not that the first two tracks aren't, they just are more like intro's) and it kicks in with some powerful vocal harmonies which pump the song, then, when you think it's getting heavier, it drops off and goes soft and beautiful. Kick ass song! Mourning Sun is another song with the heavy/soft contrast which makes for some unpredictable passages that make Savatage (somewhat) famous. Blackjack Guillotine is the heaviest track on the cd and has some decent guitar work thanx to Chris Caffery on it. The title track would be the only other song worth mentioning, due to its length and competence to entertain. Other than that, just imagine Savatage doing they're typical Zak Steven's era music, but better on the whole.

Don't miss this one, this is by all means one of the best albums there ever is, was, and will be.