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An Epic - 89%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 24th, 2003

This is the last album with Zak Stevens, Savatages vocalist who suited this epic metal/rock opera style adopted in later savatage albums better than Jon Oliva whos vocals where suited more for the heavy metal of thier 80's work. If was definatly a good move for this band to change singers for this album, and for several previous albums before this starting at Edge Of Thorns. Unfortunatly Zak Stevens left the band after this album.
The actualy story of this album isn't all that great, just the tale of a fisherman, pretty boring by metal standards, but the music is what counts. Well this album starts off with a useless track of ambient ocean sounds, followed by an over the top rock opera intro titled "Welcome", this song is just not metal enough, the chorus is way to over the top. But followed by this is one of the songs best tracks, Turns to Me. A longer track of about 6 minutes which starts off with a solid piano balled and builds up to an epic chourus of electric guitars and ends on the same epic note, excellent track, perhaps the best track of the album. The next track, Morning Sun, has a cathy acoustic guitar riff, which turns to an electric guitar later in the song during the powerful vocal chorus, then back to the acoustics. This is a very Powerful song, one of the better tracks on the album. After this track the album goes into a slump until track 10 with one exception, track 7 is good for reasons similiar to those of track 3 and 4. Also 8 has a nice rythym to is, the song flows well. The album hits its High note on track 10, The Wake Of Magellan. Its a very deep song, filled with power, the guitars and vocals build up to an amazing multichoral ending which lasts a good while, definatly a great what to end the song, in my opinion this album should have ended hear with tracks 10 and 11 switched because track 11, Anymore, offers a deep and power song to be listened to. The tracks after this one aren't anything that great, and should not be payed much attention, just trite riffs and used themes in previous songs.
All the bonus songs are boring except the acoustic balled "Stay" which is dark and gloomy, a really great track which saves the ending of the American Release. Of all the Zak Stevens albums this is better than Handfull of Rain, on par with Edge of Thorns, and doesn't quite reach Dead Winter Dead. Its worth a buy though, the good tracks on the album make up for the nto so good ones, I can't really say there are any god aweful tracks on this album, the ones I didn't comment on are decent, not bad, but not that good.