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Raise the Fist of the Metal Child! - 92%

VoiceofHell, May 13th, 2008

Before I begin this review I must note that this live album was never officially released but for a handful of Promotional releases. It is very rare and, while the album itself was compiled, the sound production was not completed before the project was scraped. Therefore it's production quality is, admittedly, lacking on some tracks.

Having said that, none of the above statement keeps this live release from kicking major ass and giving us the only recorded live versions of many classic old school Savatage cuts. Even with the at times shoddy production, the band just blazes through many tracks from their classic 80's heyday.

What makes this album a very interesting animal and different from many live albums from classic bands is that there has been little to no editing. Therefore these live cuts showcase the band as being very human. Still remarkably skilled and powerful, but not perfect or polished. Because of this, the album has a truly live feel to it. It is about as genuine a live recording as one will come across.

As I mentioned previously, this would be the onyl time that many of these songs would never be released in a live context save for on this promotional release. Those tracks include...

- She's In Love
- Thorazine Shuffle
- Power Of The Night
- Devastation
- Warriors
- Necrophilia
- Twisted Little Sister
- Midas Knight
- I Believe

Therefore, over half of the album cannot be heard on any other official live release by Savatage. Several of them (especially the songs recorded on "Power Of The Night") sound even better here than in their studio recorded versions.

Basically, if you can deal with the varying production quality, and you wish to hear some unsung classic 'tage cuts, then hunt this down. I got my copy on ebay from a seller in the Czech Republic for around $50 Canadian + S/H. For me, a die hard member of the Savatage Legions, it was definitely money well spent. I highly recommend this release to those who dig old school Savatage. But if you are new to the band or have only heard their newer material, I'd recommend "Sirens" or "Hall Of The Mountain King" to get you started into this classic old school band.