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The Edge of Midnight - 78%

Demon_of_the_Fall, July 6th, 2003

Fight for the Rock (1986) is the album after the "Power of the Night" album which had amazing production for it time due to Max Norman. This is quite a step down in production as the snare sounds very tinny, although its not high enough in the mix to be anoying. Alright now production aside, this album is very tasty musically and should not let down any Sava fanatic such as myself.

As previously mentioned there are quite a few ballads on here, and thats not to say that is a bad thing in the least bit. Yes people do point out that this is a more commercial album for them...but it doesn't sound commercial and didn't sell nearly as many albums as their new stuff does. I prefer their newer works more but thats not to say this isn't good...on that contrary. As most of you know Criss Oliva is a fucking guitar god and he always shines with his creative riffs and solos. I must say that this is definatly a different step from Savatage with Fight for the Rock although it's not a bad one either. Theres alot of synths that actually add alot to the overall backdrop of the album. Apparently this album was a rushed job although it turned out great.

Fight For the Rock has a very nice opening riff and its a heavy mammoth that will leave you begging for more. Out on the Steets is a remake from their first album "Sirens" and they do a very good job on it. Very nice mellow track indeed. Crying for your love starts out with a synth and a guitar then gets a slow doomy pace with some cool vocals. I get the chorus stuck in my head for a very long time after hearing this one. Very Catchy! Criss Olivas guitar work on this song is fucking killer!. Next up is Day after Day (a nice slow ballad) with great vocal melodies courtesy of Jon Oliva. Another ear grabber, although quite cheesy (who said cheese isn't great?) i love this song. The Edge of Midnight (what a cool name) starts again with some eerie synths very mid-evalish WHICH FUCKING RULES! This is probably my fave on the album. There is alot of groove in this song that gets my foot tappin the floor constantly. Did i mention this is a highly underated album by the great Savatage? Well it is, no one knows about this. Next up is Hyde thats has some eerie twisted words said, overall this a scary fucking song. The lyrics portraying Jackel and Hyde's life, the songs music and vocals fit the story perfectally. Lady in Disguise is another excellent mid-paced song with a nice little chorus. This album is filled with synths but it actually makes Fight for the Rock more interesting because its something Savatage never did before. She's Only Rock is well.....the name points out exactally what this song is, rock n fuckin roll. Very good song that kind of reminds me of Dio. Wishing Well opens with a fucking cool riff, this is a good song although i wouldn't say its the best on the album. Fuck Criss came up with amazing riffs as Red Light Paradise closes the album we realize what a genious he really was. This is a suitable closer to a awesome album. Never a dull moment with Fight for the Rock and i suggest you buckle the fuck up because your in for a ride of your life. Get in the chair and be prepared to be shocked. I hope you all enjoy this album as much as I do. Stay Metal.

Best Tracks: Fight for the Rock, Out on the Streets, Crying for Love, The Edge of Midnight, Hyde, Lady in Disguise, She's Only Rock N' Roll