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Savatage: Far Beyond Anyone Else. - 92%

Demon_of_the_Fall, September 10th, 2003

With Edge of Thorns comes new singer Zakk Stevens to replace the departed Jon Oliva (due to losing his voice) and the change couldn't be more pleasing (not to say that Jon was a bad singer). Zakk Stevens is my pick for one of the best singers metal ever had. Unfortunatly after Edge of Thorns had been released their guitar god Criss Oliva died in a car accident due to a drunk driver hitting him and his wife dawn in a car. This cd displays Criss raw pure fucking talent at his best. This cd brings back plenty of great memories, and im sure if you all listen to Edge of Thorns this album will soon become very close to your heart and it shall no leave your cd player. The production is pretty good actually on this one, as every instrument is in the open. WOW! Check out 3:24 of "He Carves His Stone" and on, wholy fuck can Zakk sing! I've been a Savatage fan for some time now and they have yet to dissapoint me with any release, you sure know what your getting with these guys. This album has plenty of diversity and they always keep it exciting for the listener with fresh new lush riffs that are bound to have you banging your head and bobbing around the room getting goofy. There are sing along songs on here as well which are so memorable it's had to take your mind of them. Example of this are : Edge of Thorns, Lights Out, Follow Me, Degrees of Sanity etc. Every track on Edge of Thorns deserves a mention in my book although i could be reviewing how simply brilliant this cd is for centuries. EOT has the Streets: A Rock Opera line-up with the exclution of Jon Oliva. I love both the voice of Jon and Zakk, so either way you have it your getting quality fucking singing. Jon has one of the most unique voice ever thats almost raspy yet very tasty with plenty of melody. Zakk is a very talented clean singer that can belt out the high and low notes with ease. Not a complaint about this one. The guitar with is flashy at time but then again so is everything else. This is one memorable disc! Hail Savatage and R.I.P. Criss brother your Soul will always be with us. Your music shall shine on forever.

Best Tracks: Edge of Thorns, Lights Out, He Carves His Stone, Follow Me, Degrees of Sanity, Conversation Piece, All That I Bleed, Damien, Miles Away, Sleep