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Dark Trail Ruins - 70%

Sweetie, January 23rd, 2023

Having only a single EP to their name (save for a split appearance), Savagery are a chaotic French speed/thrash metal band that come and go quicker than a launch-rollercoaster ride. Off The Ruins is the name of this brush-burn release, unloading three original songs and a Toxic Holocaust cover. Their brand is very much in the noisier vein, not so much in a blackened way but perhaps a sharp and grating way.

Chaotic vocals with high shrieks and outbursts are all over the place, sided with super fast singing and a hint of rasp. The music itself is a notch cleaner, maintaining the speed and intensity that the vocals suggest, but the intellect shows more so in the leads. It likely helps that they stand high above all else in the rough production, carrying Off The Ruins on its back. Opener “Chapel In Ruins” jumps all over the place in where the focus lies, showing the contrast nicely.

“Instant Lunacy” is far more straightforward, and doesn’t reach quite as far to sound like they’re flying off the cuff. A cover of Toxic Holocaust’s “Awaken The Serpent” passes before us in under two minutes after that, and things close with “The Curse Of Power.” The two pair well together, and as well as everything fits, it confirms my theory that maybe Savagery tries a bit too hard when it comes to intentional messiness. This kind of raw debauchery is loads of fun, but putting a little bit more thought into a full-length might serve them well. The vocals especially are an acquired taste. Nonetheless, it’s very much a worthwhile debut outing.