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Just another random not so special band! - 8%

black_slime, October 10th, 2012

Recently there's been a lot fuss among my friends concerning a great power/thrash metal band called Savage Messiah. At first I thought "Oh please, not another 'random-let's-put-together-some-awesome-sounding-words-and-call-ourselves-like-that' band", and I was completely right. THIS BY ALL MEANS IS NOT A GREAT BAND. How the hell could anyone be amazed by this? You have already-heard riffage, drumming that's just a stocked up pile of filler beats and rhythm patterns that are not as nearly as thought through as it should be, the bass line goes along with the drumming, the vocals are just yet another high-pitched "I try to sound like Joacim Cans, but I can't because I'm gay and can't think of anything else but to copy a great vocalist" with nothing to them, and the lyrics are also just random. They're not epic, nor are they badass as thrash or power metal should be, but just plain stupid. This sounds more like pop new age speed rock rather than metal. IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO HEADBANG DRIVE IN IT. NO BALLS, IT'S NOT EPIC, AND IT'S NOT POWERFUL!

Let's go back to the beginning once again and go thoroughly through each piece of this shit puzzle. Everything about the riffage is just plain...well, overbuffed would be the word for it. Whenever I hear new age bands like this it always sounds like they don't know the meaning of the word "sufficient". The guitarist always tries to copy the technicality and melodic patterns of Dragonforce or Symphony X and try to mix it with Helloween's and Manowar's somewhat thrashy heavy metal style...and they FAIL! In the end it just sounds like a bunch of stocked up melodies and harmonics and here-and-there open string, catchy heavy metal fillers. I'll best explain it like this...a pretty woman is pretty when she had applied just enough make-up...have too much make-up on woman and she'll end up looking more like a clown than a woman. You get my point? So all in all, the riffage is overly exaggerated and it makes it annoying and just lukewarm, and of course in my ranking system is worth 2% of the whole grade for this album (and, in this case, the whole band).

The rhythm section, drums, and bass line are just a "well" played bunch of rhythm patterns that any decent drummer and bassist should know how to play. I say 2% for both drums and bass line. Just because you have a double bass pedal doesn't mean you should blast kick it throughout the whole song. Yes, the song is fast, but come on, really? Blast bass kick is all you got?

The vocals I already explained in the first paragraph and I have nothing more to say about that. I don't say Dave Silver hasn't got a good voice, it's just that he could come up with something more unique to himself rather than sounding like yet another clone of Joacim Cans or any other power metal god. And the lyrics are well...come on..."Six Feet Under the Gun" sounds more like something that Gwar would come up with, not a band that's trying to be serious. There is no sense in the lyrics and no metaphor, but just tries to sound philosophical, but fails miserably. So in the end both vocals and lyrics get a whole 4% for trying.

So all in all, this album wasn't worth my time, but hey, maybe someone out there likes cheesy power metal bands and actually will appreciate this piece of crap. I don't know. I'll just recommend this album to anyone who is curious enough to learn what the word "bad" means. See you in the next review.