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The Best NWOBHM Comeback Album Ever - 100%

bigfellauk, July 6th, 2013

If you are reading this review, then at some point in your life you have likely listened to the album "Loose 'n' Lethal", and you likely then found that Savage are an amazing band who truly know how to make some headbanging rock numbers! That album is packed full of some of the rawest, grittiest, yet most elegant songs of the entirety of the NWOBHM. On their follow-up to that classic album, they matured their sound a bit, adding synthesizers here and there, slowing down the pace of their attack a bit, and they increased the production values. While this second album, called "Hyperactive", was quite a great album compared to the sophomore slump almost all other NWOBHM bands dealt out, it doesn't quite match the full-out attack that "Loose 'n' Lethal" gave us.

On Savage's third album, "Holy Wars" (which happens to be their 1995 comeback album, too), they sort of combine their first two albums. The tracks are aggressive, yet mature; they are modern sounding not in style, but in production, and they rock hard. To give you perspective on this, I will make a comparison to Iron Maiden. While Paul Di'Anno was the vocalist for Iron Maiden, the band recorded two great albums that were full-out metal attacks, completely in-tune with the NWOBHM, yet after this when they replaced Di'Anno with Bruce Dickenson, Iron Maiden matured and the full-out metal attack gave way to a unique sort of style that Iron Maiden is known for. Well, I believe that this album is the same for Savage. I would say that this album ranks up there with "Loose 'n' Lethal". Peppered throughout the album are Saxon-sounding moments, AC/DC-style guitar riffs at certain points, and there is even a power ballad-type song called "Suffer The Children" that doesn't sound too shabby!

On this album, Savage feel free to take chances and expand upon their breakneck full-out attack that their name would suggest they would play. The original vocalist, Chris Bradley I believe to be his name, is still here and I believe it is this "vocal persistence" that makes this album great. Many other bands, such as Jaguar, feature a different vocalist for their comeback attempt and the result makes the songs sound "un-Jaguarish". Savage, on the other hand, by maintaining their original vocalist, have successfully "come back" and have produced a solid heavy metal album with "Holy Wars".

Holy crap! - 29%

AussieReaper, September 18th, 2005

I really didn’t like Savage’ debut, but I don’t dislike this album. I loathe it! I wasn’t expecting anything special or even decent on this album. I just wanted a good song or two to make it somewhat enjoyable.
Let me start by saying that musically Savage isn’t all that bad, there’s nothing special about them either but what really lets them down is their vocals. Chris Bradley does not have a voice, he moans most of the time and never really sounds like he’s singing.
Also their inability to construct a song together is their downfall, not to mention their poor lyrics that even a child could conjure up.

“Headstrong” has a great opening riff and a lot of guitar distortion, that’s good though. What isn’t however is the constant moaning, a cool verse that goes to shit and a crappy chorus. Enough said.
“Anthem” has some fair bass work and is musically sound but is in no way a decent song. It’s lyrically challenged and is met with poor construction, the only thing it has going for it is the eye of the tiger rocky theme it samples to a degree.
“How?” is another joke of a song, listen to the lyrics for they are quite humorous. It sounds like a 5-year-old child wrote them.
“This means war” sounds like every other song on this album, but then again so does Down and Dangerous, Suffer the children, Fashion by force and the rest of them.
It seems the only song to look forward to is “Let it Loose” their one famous song which metallica had done a cover of. I must admit it does sound slightly better and the solo is pretty cool but that’s about all for this group.
I would not recommend this album to anyone!

If I sold my Cd's, this would go straight to Ebay at a starting bid of $0.01.