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Sauron - The Channeling Void - 85%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

This is the third fullength by SauroN, but my first listen. From what I understand they’ve developed quite a lot, but then again I’m not the right guy to judge since I haven’t heard any earlier material. What I can tell you is that this is an incredibly hate filled black metal assault.

Blazing fast, tight-as-hell, blasting drums accompanied by slick, slicing riffs and a frenzied screaming vocalist. The bass is lurking in the background, adding a heavy and more brutal touch, while the guitars are more in your face, delivering an icy and ripping sound. But the first thing I notice is without a doubt the drums, which is set in such blazing speed right from the get go. SauroN do however slow things down every now and then, but never letting go of the ferocity and hateful atmosphere. The whole ‘hate’ things is emphasized by the combining of the vocals and lyrics, which together paints the picture of a world about to sink into eternal darkness, go up in flames and be overrun by maggots and filth, ruled by the lord of terror, himself.

The Channeling Void reminds me a lot of the French scene of the late 90ies, much like I’ve felt for the later Marduk albums. It has the same extreme hatefilled and brutal sound and boundary pushing musicianship of acts such as Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus. SauroN keeps one foot steady in the old school and the other one firmly in the forefront of battle, making this raging album extremely punishing.

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