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Cheerful folk metal done right!! - 93%

Zainthiryuk, May 24th, 2014

Saurom (Previously, Saurom lamderth) is a folk metal band from spain. They search for their satisfaction as artists on every album they release, so they have done quite a lot of styles through their career, but all of them with a folk based instrumentation. The themes of their lyrics are very diverse, they have done things about The lord of the rings, their own fiction story (with some implicit social critisism), poets from their homeland, story-telling, and even about the bible, with a competent album about virgin Mary's point of view. With this album, they wrote about life and feelings. I know it sounds cheesy as hell, but it isn't at all, since it is competently done, and the quality on the lyrics is absolutely incredible, because they wanted to write about that, they didn't do it for sales *CoffCoffMagodeOzCoffCoff*.

The band´s leader, Narci Lara, is one hell of a musician, that "unfortunately" was born on spain, so he had to pull his career by himself almost alone with his band and some friends, and that is an incredible effort. Most spanish bands have to do this, and it is really hard to gain recognition worldwide (specially because they dont write their songs in english), while on other Europe countries, it is relatively easy to get. Even if he never wanted to be famous and rich for his music, it is really worth sharing, because it is really good stuff that every person should know about, not just metalheads.

His work on this album is highly notable, since almost 75% of the album is him, not only songwritting, but also the ridiculous amount of instruments he plays, which are the solid base, specially on this album.

The work from the vocalist, Miguel Angel Franco, is amazing as always, but in a slightly different form this time. He has one of the strongest, piercing voices in the whole metal scene, full of emotions and great performance. That is reinforced with backing vocals from himself, supporting the structure a lot, but it isn't like he needs it at all. On this album, he showed that, even without the piercing vocals all the time, he can transmit every kind of emotion, from nostalgia to repentance, and always doing it the best way, offsetting the strenght with the best performances on his career.

This album changed the musical course of the band abruptly. The previous three albums were each time more aggresive and heavier, from Juglarmetal to once romances, and then to maryam, we could expect that the next album would keep that evolution line, but instead of that, we got the softest album from saurom, demonstrating that they write about anything they want to. Still, there are nice flashes of their past works, with songs like "Se acerca el invierno" or "El cristal". Also, we have again the classic colaborations after an album with almost none guests (Maryam), there are a lot of guest musicians here that enrich the album in a lot of ways, such as female vocals, choruses and additional instrumentation.

The particular highlights here: The catchiest song, "La leyenda de Gambrinus", the fast paced song: "Angeles", The darkest song (and also the most expresive an one of the best songs that I have heard): "El principe", The acoustic amazing jewel: "El cristal", a sequel to Maryam's song "Non culpa", and finally, the most epic song: "Se acerca el invierno", based on George R. R. Martin´s saga "A song of ice and fire", which resembles a lot to previous works from Sauromand their unique way to tell stories in epic ways like this one. This song is probably a last minute addition, not only because of the difference on the lyrics theme, but also because on an interview, previous to the release of the album, the interviewer asked Miguel Angel Franco if they never thought about publishing a song about GRRM´s famous books, and he answered that they hadn´t, but when the album came up it was a nice surprise.

I don't give it a perfect score just because, compared to other albums by saurom, it has a few flaws, like the small role of the other four members, here they focused too much on the vocalist and the leader. It works, but seems a bit unfair.

This album is definetly worth buying if you like folk metal, folk rock, or if you just love all about music, so, don't think it twice!