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Wow, what a step up! - 95%

George_Wellman, September 4th, 2005

I can't believe this isn't better known! This is just plain awesome, it blew me away on first listen. Somehow Saurom Lamderth underwent a massively dramatic improvement. I picked up their first two albums, which were cool, but mostly novelty. They had terrible production, the bagpipe and fiddle were pretty deplorable, and the singer wasn't much. Now the production is crystal clear, all of the musicians improved a lot, and their songwriting skills improved greatly. They finally found the perfect balance between metal and folk, ending in a completely unique sound. Compare them with Mago de Oz if you wish, but this is far better. While the singer doesn't have the range, he has a very unique, gravelly voice. The fiddle and bagpipes improved in terms of general musicianship, plus all of the folk instruments are integrated very well into the music, used as co-melody and harmony parts with the lead guitar. The drumming, while nothing special, is tight and uses rythymns never heard in metal, helping to bring across the folk feeling. The lead guitar is probably the most lacking instrument here- the guitarist plays solos faster than he can really handle, and it shows. Otherwise, this is an exceptional album, and I highly recommmend it.