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Another good album. - 80%

Adalbertus, January 20th, 2008

This album is a progression from their debut. It's very much like that, with similar sound and some ideas added. And I like it! It still has some things to show the listener, even if he doesn't care for the lyrics. This time the work is easy, though, because the lyrics (expect for the first track) are English, and are easily available.

The music hasn't changed too much, but it's something else in a way. There's keyboards and a choir singing in the first song, and at the end a Vikings' fight can be heard. Throughout the rest we've got as much atmosphere, as on "Dark Medieval Times" - but of some other kind, not so much into the forest, and more into the sea.

It's a very, solid, logical continuation of the ideas created by the band in their previous releases (demos and "Dark Medieval Times"). If someone did enjoy the previous one - pick up this one fast. It's clear that it hasn't been done for a commercial success (what is commercial success for a band like this!) but as a work that should fit right in place in the discography.

It's not as popular as the debut, maybe because there's (despite some new things) much similarity between them... But I think it is different, and should be appreciated in its own way.