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Now, Volcano II (But Worse) - 65%

Alterno, April 26th, 2006

While I call Satyricon's Volcano 'Black & Roll' or in other words a familiar form of Post-Black Metal, "Now, Diabolical" is a pure commercial album completely away from being a black metal release except for few blast-beat drumming and some how the cute extreme vocals, and cute here means awful! I'm not one of those who are against Volcano and Rebel Extravaganza though I'm not their fan, but I respect Satyricon's change in sound while doing it well. When it comes to N,D I have to admit that Satyricon are putting themselves on the road(runner) of their own end.

Satyr's voice became weaker than that on Volcano & no more wicked full of evil like that on the masterpieces "Dark medieval times", "The Shadowthrone" & "Nemesis Divina", just evolving into a more ear-familiar sound. The music structure in most of the tracks is in normal 4/4 timings not alike the old albums just to support the ear-familiar sound theory, In addition to the slow hardcore guitar riffs or the groovish ones as each track is based on few repeated guitar riffs with slight changes, tremelo picking riffs are absent here. Frost stores his experience and fabulous touches for himself playing normal beats suitable with the lame song structures yet just adding some breaks & blast-beats here and there to remind us that he was the amazing Frost one day, at the same time the drums stay the good thing about N,D. Also, few background keyboards are used within the album adding a good atmosphere to the songs.

The mixing & production of the album is perfect, the vocals & every instrument appears clearly, crystal clear production.

Highlights: The Pentagram burns, The Rite of War Cross, To the Mountains (fading out with a nice outro).

Now, Diabolical is another album from a true metal band changing into being commercial in the same way of Dimmu Borgir & Cradle of Filth just like the other Roadrunner bands changing their metal roots or just being commercial.

Recommended to the Satyricon diehard fans, Volcano lovers or those who love the easy to absorb extreme metal like Dimmu Borgir's late albums.
A good release in the scene of commerciality competes with late Dimmu and Cradle of Filth, but its actually lame black metal (if its considered black metal).
My rating for all Satyricon albums compared to each other for guiding & comparison:
- Dark Medieval Times (90%)
- The Shadowthrone (95%)
- Nemesis Divina (90%)
- Rebel Extravaganza (75%)
- Volcano (80%)
- Now, Diabolical (65%)