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One of Their Best! - 90%

ict1523, October 7th, 2005

Satyricon has always impressed me by their ability to produce great-sounding black metal without sounding repetitive like many other black metal bands. They vary their melodies, riffs, even the vocals seem slightly different at times. This album definitely represents this very well.

The album starts off with "The Dawn of a New Age". The song starts off rather calmly and even with some keyboards and after the first vocals, "THIS IS ARMAGEDDON", the song explodes and the riffs that follow the next few seconds are truly excellent. The song remains bombastic throughout its whole. The melodies also change toward the latter parts of the song. A black metal classic.

"Forhekset" a shorter song clocking in at only 4:31, starts off very nicely with some acoustic guitar and a nice sound effect before the heavy guitars and bombastic drums kick in. The melodies remain the same until about 2:40 when the song gets slightly more melodic and much more enjoyable. Satyr's vocals on here are also very well done. Not the best song on the album, but still great.

"Mother North" is truly an amazing song, has a very dark black metal feeling, more so than the rest of the songs, is heavy throughout, has great lyrics, great vocals, heavy guitars, continuing bombastic drumming. This is just a perfect black metal song, one of the best out there. Satyricon really has to be congratulated on this achievement.

"Du Som Hater Gud" is another relatively short song clocking in at 4:21. The opening riffs are simply amazing; they are fierce yet sound slightly melodic giving it the black metal feel. I love Satyr's vocals here, and its mainly because the lyrics are in Norwegian. Its very good when a band sings in their native language because it adds to the atmosphere and most of the time the language goes along better with the music than English. Another classic.

"Immortality Passion" starts off with a rather odd melody and some keyboards giving you a little feeling of evil which is exactly what it should be doing. Around 1:00, we get melodic riffs back in and some of the melody from the first few seconds of the song is heard. Absolutely perfect combination, this almost gives you the feeling like you are in some medieval castle with an evil Queen that wants to poison everyone in the kingdom, which brings me to another aspect of the album, Satyricon's music is very atmospheric, and it brings many images into your mind if you are listening closely, definitely another plus in my book. Almost as if Satyr wants to make us think.

“Nemesis Divina” starts off heavily right away with Satyr’s vocals being in Norwegian on this song too. While this song is very heavy and dark it fails to capture my attention as much as the other songs, although the riffs right after Satyr’s evil laugh at 0:40 are pretty great.

“Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves” is a very nice instrumental, not too bombastic, pretty melodic, it sets a very nice mood, and is definitely a great closing to a fantastic album.

Overall this is one of if not Satyricon’s best album. They have now lost focus on what made them so great, even though they are still a good band. If anyone wants to look into this band, you should listen to this album first as it gives you a good idea of what Satyricon is about. This is also a must have to all black metal fans.