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Satyricon - Nemesis Divina; Black Metal Elite - 100%

deathkvlt, September 10th, 2004

Nemesis Divina has to be the best Black Metal album ever!

OK with that out of the way may the real review begin.

This has to be the most impresive piece of music I've had the pleasure of listening and believe me I've listened to a lot of Metal. Honestly I'm blown away by that album each time I hear it.

..... so how does it sound? Well my friends, Satyr and company have managed to create one of the most amazing Black Metal albums ever and for those of you who think that's easy your oh so very wrong, a Black Metal album involves not only good music and talented musicians but also a very special atmosphere that most of today's musicians just can't create; something that requires more than incredible technique, something special, something magical, something that Satyricon shure as Hell could do on this album.

This album could be described as a fast, agressive and epic Black Metal album with a lot of Medieval influences as well as some folkish ones, the sound is raw but it manages to sound clear enough so that it can be apreciated.

The band makes use of classic tremolo riffs as well as other techniques to create some of the most incredible Black Metal melodies ever, while the light-speed drums provided by Frost and the grim singing by Satyr help to create an even more agressive sound; on the other side the keyboards add a more atmospheric as well as a more epic touch to the band's sound helping to create a great balance between rawness and atmosphere, thing that makes this such an amazing Black Metal album.

Satyricon have created a masterpiece for centuries to come, nothing can compare to what Satyricon have created here (with the exception of Emperor's Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk album of course which is as good as this one), not anything released ever has the sheer power, grimness, hatred and coldness you'll find in this album, it has it all; want lightning fast drums? Frost shure knows how to deliver them; want epic riffs with beautiful melodies that will stick in your head forever? Satyr and Kveldulv (A.K.A. Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone fame) shure know how to make the word epic sound miserable with what they manage to do with their guitars here; perfectly armonised epic atmospheric keyboards you say? not a problem, and the voice? well I can only think of one word here....grim as hell.

Also the lyrics fit perfectly in this amazing album as well as the killer artwork and cover, what else do you want?

From the first track to the last one this is a masterpiece so I say buy or die.

Did I mention that Mother North is a fuckin' anthem?