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The end of an era - 100%

Algiz88, February 27th, 2007

What I mean by the topic is that to me this was the last interesting and important album from Satyricon. Even though I still buy their new releases the band dosen´t feel that important or interesting to me today. It is, to say it in a metal way, sad but true.

This album is a showcase of Norwegian black metal at its best as it has all the important parts. The atmosphere that dwells within the songs on this album is absolutely brilliant. Cold, grim and evil without disturbing the sound which is full and perfect for the material on here. There is no doubt that Satyr is one of the most talented songwriters to emerge from Norway and every song on this album is proof to this statement. Intellegent riffs and melodies arranged to create hymns of purest northern black metal. I am sure that there are purists outthere who cannot stand this album as it is very gentle to the ears but i say f**k that! The album is diverce but still very compact in a strange way. The fast and hateful parts perfectly complements the slower more bombastic or epic parts in a perfect manner. Also this is one of the few albums where keyboards are used in a sensible manner which means that they are never allowed too much room. The voice of Satyr is absolutely brilliant in its strange mix between Quorthon and Abbath. I guess that you already know but still: Frost is as always brilliant hammering out the hatred with a never ending strength. This album shows that he is a talented drummer that can play within ranges of black metal and that he is more than a static blast-machine.

To end this: "Nemesis Divina" is a mandatory release for any black metal metal fan outthere. This album has something for anyone no matter if you´re a Mayhem or Emperor-fan. It has brute strength and hatein songs like "Du Som Hater Gud" and it also have bombastic/epic numbers like the classic "Mother North". In other words this album has it all. If you do not own it already you must buy it now!