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Cool Sarcofago Cover - 45%

WinterBliss, May 30th, 2009

Coming off the coattails of their most popular, and one of their better, releases, Nemesis Divina, this little ep offers a track that could be found on their next release, Rebel Extravaganza, an album which marked a change of pace for them, as well as an awesome Sarcofago cover, a pointless remix of a Nemesis Divina song and an odd industrial song.

A Moment of Clarity is a good track off Rebel... nothing too amazing, just good. Clean production, guitars akin to Nemesis Divina and some cool changes of pace like at 3:04; I like that part a lot. Some unconventional black metal riffs going on here; a little stronger sounding production here then on the LP. The Sarcofago cover, as the ep proudly boasts is played at the menacing tempo of 251bpm. As far as I'm concerned, it's a pretty awesome and evil sounding in a more technological way that Sarcofago never planned with INRI. Highlight of the release. Third track is some pointless remix or something; a boring song off Nemesis Divina finds its way to this ep. The ep ends with an exceptionally odd song; "Blessed From Below (Melancholy-Oppression-Longing)." At first the track comes off as a more poppy attempt at ripping off Thorns. The industrial slow beat and countless little effects and synth put together with a crunchy and processed guitar tone (the tone does sound very Thorns) and more throaty and snarly sounding black metal vocals creates a poppy attempt at melding black metal and electronic music. Interesting, but nothing I'd listen to over and over.

Interesting release, far from worth buying, and something I feel I'll rarely pick up after a few listens. The Sarcofago cover's the only real point to this ep. Really indifferent on this one, not really worth any attention, except the cool cover which I've stated quite a bit already.