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Veronica, please don't die - 93%

zblinyx, July 21st, 2010

I noticed improvement in their latest album. I especially like the vocals; the mixture of very deep growl, agonized vocal and spoken voice which makes wonderful atmosphere. A tempo is bit slower and melodies are beautiful combinations of mol chords. The guitar and piano parts are very enjoyable to listen to. It's very melodic album full of despair and tragedy.
The album starts with piano solo of the song I long. It's a good beginning and it makes listener slowly fall into guitar riffs of the song. Love the tempo, love the lyrics (expressing yearning for solution and sadness for not finding it, trying to escape from own existence), love the emotions put into the song/whole album.
All alone is one of my fav. It starts with the sound of thunderstorm. You can just feel the disappointment, very atmospheric... simply beautiful. It makes you fly away ;).
It is followed by another great song called Embraced by darkness. Love the melody. It' s like continuation of All alone. In my opinion songs on this album are like chapters of the novel (the irony ;)). They are not alike they are just so strongly connected between each other so that they can form unity.