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A bit disappointing mixed lot - 75%

SiePaCZ, July 24th, 2008

Saturnus has once released a wonderful album - 'Paradise Belongs To You'. Unfortunately, their third full-length CD isn't that good.

The album has one great advantage - its romantic, melancholic and sorrowful atmosphere. You can just feel that overflowing sadness. But that's not enough for the listener to fully enjoy the music. While 'Paradise Belongs To You' was very interesting, 'Veronika...' is just monotonous and a bit boring. One scale was used to write most of the songs (except 'All Alone' and partly 'To the Dreams'). Furthermore, most of the songs are played in a similar tempo (except 'Murky Waters' and partly 'Pretend'). That's why the whole album sounds alike. There are some memorable moments, however, but they hardly affect my overall opinion. The same as things like quite good lyrics and sound of the guitars - they won't make me stop considering 'Veronika...' a letdown.

However, every single song, especially 'Pretend' or 'Murky Waters', could be quite enjoyable. So if you want an album which is a lot of pretty good depressing, melancholic and romantic songs (not masterpieces!), 'Veronika Decides To Die' is probably for you. But if you prefer enjoying the WHOLE release (with a similar atmosphere), choose, for example, their debut 'Paradise Belongs To You', My Dying Bride's 'Turn Loose the Swans' or The Fall of Every Season's 'From Below' instead of this one.