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Simply Beautiful!! - 100%

WhisperingGloom, March 15th, 2005

If it’s one thing that Saturnus are good at, it’s creating amazing atmosphere and beautiful melodies within their music. And this album here is a prime example of this. It oozes atmosphere right from the start with the chirping of birds to the soft and mellow piano passages and the slowly played guitar riffs. It’s something a lot of bands try to do and don’t do well. But Saturnus have perfected this element, and this is possibly why they are one of, if not the, best death/doom bands ever created.

As I mentioned, this album is full of atmosphere and it all starts with the chirping of birds, which they use as a transition into every song. It’s a very nice touch, actually. I’ve heard people complain about it and say it’s pointless. Maybe so, but it adds a nice touch to the overall feeling you get from listening to this masterpiece. It really gives you an idea of what paradise truly is like; serene, beautiful and peaceful.

The lead guitar work done by Kim Larsen on this album is nothing short of great. He may not use huge flashy solos, or overly technical passages, but he does play with a lot emotion. Which can easily be heard throughout the album, and this too, also makes the album outstanding.

And then you have Thomas’ amazing voice. He has one of the best death growls I’ve ever heard. His voice fits the music so well it’s almost sickening. It’s like his voice and this type of music were made for each other. It’s very impressive. He’s also very well at switching back and forth between his death growls and his spoken voice. And the combination of the two throughout this album is just beyond great. This too also adds to this concept of atmosphere that I have been talking about.

But what really sets the atmosphere of this album apart from other albums is the keyboards. They use a lot of keyboards and synths, but they don’t overuse it at all. It creates a nice feeling as you sit there and just listen to it combined with the guitars and the drums. They have the power to pick you up, take you away on a journey through paradise for an hour and bring you back, without ever leaving your chair.

I first heard about these guys through an online review where the last line stated something like “This is a must for any metal fan. If this album isn’t a part of your collection, then you suck!” With reading that line, I immediately got it. I was not disappointed in the slightest. This album still is one of my favorite albums to this day. It is a definite must have! It is the definition of perfection.

3 favorite tracks: Paradise Belongs To You, Christ Goodbye, and I Love Thee.