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Transcendence into a Realm of Beauty and Sorrow - 98%

Skullkrusher_, April 9th, 2007

One of the most beautiful and unique albums I have ever encountered, Paradise Belongs To You is an incredible work of melodic death doom metal. The perception of this album is deeply mournful and utterly melancholic. Thus, no other title could possibly fit such an amazing piece of poignant music.

Within each tracks’ inception and closure, the sound of chirping birds lavish the environment. It adds something alluring and momentous to each song. The moment it commences it is as though everything around you dissolves and you are left simply alone, enamored by the privation and sentiments of sorrow. Before you are able to reckon, sixty eight minutes of that fragile atmosphere which summoned such a perplexing and esoteric intensity are now gone.

Paradise Belongs To You is a highly melodic album. Regardless, the heaviness of each track coveys a rather pessimistic and depressive aura. The wonderful vocal display by Thomas Jensen is unparalleled. His deep grunts embodied with melodic voice lines and whispers flow ideally with the music. Heavy guitar riffs (lead by Kim Larsen at the time) are acutely prominent throughout the album as well as unforgettable. Delicate acoustic pieces are wonderfully alternated and the keyboards add an atmospheric touch yet they are not overly done.

This album is an extraordinary jewel that should be owned by many fans of death doom metal. It is truly a shame that Paradise Belongs To You has not gained as much recognition as it seemingly should, its enchanting ambience and melodic heaviness is unmatched to anything else.

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