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Saturnus - Paradise Belongs to You - 100%

Loloj, August 22nd, 2011

This, my fellow metalheads, is atmospheric doom metal at it's finest. From start to finish, this is one of the most emotional albums I've ever heard.

The riffs are absolutely fantastic. Like most doom metal, they drudge along slowly, but magnificently, and are some of the best sounding riffs I have ever heard in my entire life. The riff in Paradise Belongs to You brings you to that faraway forest, covered in snow, standing over a dead deer carcass. The riffs are usually in higher pitched notes, but it does get down on the lower register of the instrument in some of the growling sections. There are no guitar solos, but plenty of leads. The guitar work on the track "I love thee" is also exceptional! Definately the best and most metal love song of all time, this is another track to check out. The drumming on this album does exactly what it needs to do. There isn't hugely hard parts because this album is so slow and atmospheric, but when the drums are prominent they sound just as amazing as the guitars. An example of great drum work is the beginning of Christ Goodbye. He has an interesting drum fill using the toms. He also does a ton with the cymbals throughout the whole album, although not obsessively or anything.

Now the vocals. I don't even know his name, but he's absolutely fantastic. He switches back and forth between growling and singing, and he sounds like an unembodied voice that you imagine you hear at night. It send shivers down your spine. His growling voice is also epic, as he has the perfect pitch, and his vocals are brutal and still understandable. The bass is very strong, even though there are some parts where it follows the guitar. Especially in the outros the bass has some extremely interesting parts, and it gives a very solid background. The bass outros are usually slow and melodic, and use the medium range of the instrument.

As for the bird chirps - why would you rank this beast of an album down just because of 40 seconds of bird chirps? The bird chirps are at the start of every song, yes, and I happen to like them. Even if I didn't, I could wait 5 seconds for the song to begin without bitching and moaning about it.

You are stranded in the middle of a dark wood. You wander aimlessly, but begin to lose hope. Your religious faith leaves you. You will never see the love of your life again. You have nothing more to live for. A deceased deer is in your path. You lie down in the snow next to it, and await the time when you will join it in death. It will not be long.

The above paragraph is basically what the atmosphere of this album is portraying to me. Total hopelessness, as any self-respecting doom metal band should want you to feel while listening to them. None come even close to what Saturnus is able to accomplish. Do whatever you have to do to get this album.