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Loveless lonely nights not so lonely after all - 84%

Nightshade, June 6th, 2004

Wow! Where do i start with this about the first track Starres. Starres starts off with a nice count in and harmonious guitar and paino which is excellent then it mellows down but before long but we're met again with the heavy guitars and the doomish growls. Starres has a nice mellow/doom sound to it which i love. Track 2 For Your Demons starts off quiet mellow indeed with the acoustic guitars and classical insturments (violin or something similar) and continues all the way through with spoken with a deep mellow voice more then sang. Track 3 is a similar track to track 2, but met with heavy guitars towards the end. The live tracks Chist Goodbye and Rise Of Nakkiel are incredible they play them superbly and they seem to have a great appreciating audience aswell. Finally Consecration the last track which i dont really find anything special just a dragging out 7 min long slow keyboard track this track usually is avoided when the EP is being played.

EP is great suggest you check it out if you like music with a bit of feeling in it, the whole EP manages to attract the doom genre even in the mellow tracks. Stand-out tracks; the whole EP bar Consecration