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Satanik Homage To Old School Metal And Horror! - 95%

GeorgeTheJoker780, July 30th, 2012

Quickly back with a grotesque offering, Satanika brings you the "Infection". A hearty slab of blackened thrash metal glorifying the old school style of metal and horror movies. The cover art gives you the correct atmosphere while you listen and features the band's mascot of sorts. The title track begins with an audio clip of an ominous voice declaring the return of Satanika and then quickly explodes into a thrashing frenzy. Production-wise the album sounds more organic and heavy than the debut so overall gives this sophomore release a unique feel.

The album is surprisingly diverse and boasts many interesting guest appearances. The absolute best being that of Bobby G. (ex-Overkill) who offers a frantic yet slightly melodic solo on the song "Abduction". Another great guest appearance is that of Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, F.K.Ü.) whose clean vocals add a unique aspect to the song "Into the Fire" and gives a purely 80s sound. Other excellent appearances include Matt Harvey,
Stephan Gebédi, and more!

The lyrics cover gruesome and putrid horror categories but delivered in a growling fashion by Cris Pervertor who is cultured in those topics and will have you chanting "Violent death, violent death. Hail the flesh!" or "Abducted by aliens, you lay in blood, don't look in their eyes, obey to their knives!"

Throughout the album your ears will be graced with many shredding solos from guitarist Barren; some remind me of the mighty Slayer but without the monotony that Kerry King tends to have. There are also a plethora of delicious riffs to be found on this album such as in the beginning of the ferocious "Psycho Slut" or the tempo-changing chug of "Abduction".

This band presents a well-constructed atmosphere which is hard to come by and I think can either make or a break a band. Everything from the CD booklet to the audio clips and production is well thought out and minutely planned to give such a unique feeling. I anxiously wait for a third album offering. In the mean time go buy this old school masterpiece and support the underground!