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Called to suffer this goofy comedy track I was - 60%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, September 20th, 2012

At least I can't say these guys weren't wrong: their voices of the dark call me to suffer this 25-minute monster so I can record my impression of it for the benefit of MA visitors and spare them the agony of hearing it themselves ... truly this release by musicians of the French Black Legions is an excruciating listening experience. "Dark ambient" doesn't even begin to describe that particular brand of terror that comes with the sheer bat-shit barmyness of those who have too much to drink, too much time on their hands and an out-of-tune piano, a toy bugle and a 4-track recorder close by. The music itself is so minimal - just very low-key repetitive plink-plonk piano loops, an annoying buzz drone and various monster noises and background sounds - that it could hardly be said to exist and might easily be mistaken for incidental background noise chatter. Now imagine this loop stretched out over 25 minutes, over which various swamp critters who have drunk too much cheap moonshine and swallowed too many crabs and prawns without bothering to wash them, peel them or take the shells and claws off, and are now suffering indigestion and hangovers beyond painful, and you have some idea of what I was called to suffer.

After a few minutes, you start to see the funny side of this recording: these musicians must have been taking the piss out of themselves and the whole Black Legions exclusive cult concept. The piano sounds like the tinny keyboards you sometimes hear on old silent films from way back when and now and again you hear an off-key rendition of Tarzan's war cry so someone must have been watching too many old Hollywood flicks with Johnny Weissmuller. There's a lot of background crackle and hiss. Somewhere in the second half of the recording, there are moments where the music suddenly sharpens with the addition of noise guitar or black metal screech and becomes very loud, and in a split-second the sound is sheared off into oblivion, and the piano tinklings and monster moans resume their drunken journey.

Near the end a blaring, painful drone starts up and burns its way into your brain cells before fading out, leaving behind slumbering monsters and some spooky space ambient effects suggesting a swinging metal blade and purring alien cats.

One of those recordings that's just so bad, it falls into the category of goofy comedy and with the passage of time, people who know of this recording are sure to treat it with much affection and defend it with the utmost passion against those who just don't understand the Black Legions.

Horrifying... - 80%

BlackMetal213, September 2nd, 2011

Satanicum Tenebrae was a side project of Mütiilation mastermind Meyhna'ch. It was (as one can assume) part of the infamous French black metal scene Les Légions Noires (The Black Legions). Like most of the bands in the LLN only recorded a few demos (3, to be exact). The style of music played here is not black metal, however, but a very eerie style of dark ambient. There is only one track on this demo, entitled "Voices of the Dark Call Me to Suffer" and it runs for about 25 minutes. And as you can assume, it is quite haunting and the production is not that great. The title fits it quite well, as its sound is of one suffering.

The length of the track may lead one to think that this is a boring listen, but that is not the case. Sure, at times it does seem to drag, but you can only expect that as it is almost 25 minutes long! Nearly a half-hour of simplistic dark ambient with a lot of repetition. The keys are very haunting. Basically, this thing sounds as if it where just randomly thrown together by someone in a mental institution. There is some random screaming, which sends chills down the listener's spine. You could just imagine walking through a foggy graveyard at midnight while listening to this. It sets the perfect mood for that. I highly recommend this to a fan of the other dark ambient artists of the LLN, such as Aäkon Këëtrëh and Moëvöt. A good release from a respected LLN figurehead.