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Absolutely breathtaking... - 99%

BlackMetal213, May 19th, 2012

Behexen and Satanic Warmaster are both black metal bands, hailing from the Scandinavian country of Finland. They are both some of the more well-known bands in the metal underground, and have put out some absolutely amazing material. Both bands fit in the "kvlt" category, limiting their albums, demos, and such in very few numbers, Satanic Warmaster especially. Now, the production on this split is raw, but more so on the Satanic Warmaster side than on the Behexen one. The Behexen side, in terms of production, sounds relatively like releases from bands like Dark Funeral or Marduk, while the Satanic Warmaster side sounds like earlier Burzum in terms of production value. However, even though the Behexen side is somewhat better produced, it is still very raw and will satisfy any black metal purist who listens to this split. Now, let's talk about the music itself, shall we?

Behexen's side of the split is up first, and, I'll be completely honest, this is the first recording I have ever heard from this band. The main reason I listened to this was for the Satanic Warmaster tracks. Now, I am definitely glad I gave the Behexen side of the split a chance before I listened to the Satanic Warmaster side, because I actually like the Behexen side a little more. The first track entitled "Mouth of Leviathan" is one of the greatest black metal tracks I have ever heard, in fact. That track alone is what makes the Behexen side. However, do NOT write off "Where The Devil Spoke." That track kicks a fair amount of ass, too. It is shorter than Mouth of Leviathan, and it starts off faster. Right away, we hear some evil riffs accompanied by blast beats. This track is fucking great, and contains some very harsh melodies. Next up, we have the Satanic Warmaster side. Ah yes, Satanic Warmaster... One of my favourite bands. The track "Where Eternity Awaits" starts off with a brutal, and fast melt-your-face-off riff and blast beats. One thing that I love about Satanic Warmaster the most is Werewolf's vocals. They are so fucking raw and full of hate. This track contains everything we know about Satanic Warmaster: brutally fast riffs, hateful screechy vocals, raw but catchy melodies, and an overall destructive sound. The next track from Satanic Warmaster, entitled "The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf," begins its journey with some depressive, melodic, clean guitar riffs, and raw, muddy drumming. A perfect closer. And again.... THOSE FUCKING VOCALS!!!!

So... What we have here is a great split by two absolutely classic, amazing black metal bands from the land of Finland: Behexen and Satanic Warmaster. This is a must have for fans of obscure black metal, or, hell, just black metal fans in general! Hails!