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Satanic Warmaster wins. - 70%

Anaktas, March 16th, 2008

This is a split 7", limited to 1000 copies. On side A we have Satanic Warmaster, who offer us a brief intro and "The chant of the barbarian wolves". On side B, Germany's Aryan Blood use the space given to offer us two tracks and a Holocaustus cover.

Satanic Warmaster: The intro is very dark and creates a nice atmosphere with a single, simple riff. Then there is one of the best (in my opinion) SWM songs of all time, the aforementioned "Chant of the barbarian wolves". This song is very memorable and has a few tempo changes that make it more interesting. The style is the one that all of us SWM fans are used to, and that's really cold and somehow nostalgic quality black metal. In addition, the artwork in SWM side is fabulous.

Aryan Blood: Not something special. Although the two tracks "Strength, pride, nobility" and "totenkopfes schwarze blut" cannot be characterized as bad, they are not something special. They are very raw and fast, and if you like this kind of black metal, I think you will enjoy listening to Aryan Blood.